Short: AOS 3.2 dark themed WB backdrop
Author: levellord@tutanota.com

Dark themed backdrop sets of various resolutions, the same resolutions as
within the Amiga OS 3.2 Workbench official backdrops. Other files than
backdrops included are window pattern, vector graphics and GIMP image of Amiga
Boing Ball.

I can't render so I used pre-rendered 256x256px image from HiClip dot com
(HiClipart is an open community for users to share PNG images, all PNG
cliparts in HiClipart are for Non-Commercial Use, no attribution required),
re-drew it in InkScape and then painted in GIMP. You can use those images
anyway you want. Font used is free "Amiga Forever Pro 2" font (from ffonts dot
net) which is a free font.

I made file sizes as small as possible, so backdrop should not grab too much
of chip ram and palette size is 64 colors. Even if you don't have RTG, I would
recommend installing P96 drivers which will push backdrop in fast ram and free
chip ram. The backdrop is simple and out of the way if you have many icons on
WB, and most importantly it will not bother your eyes during the night (or

I wish to thank thomas from EAB helping me understand the pens issue I
experienced during the creation of this backdrop set. Hopefully you will find
these backdrops pleasing to the eye, and if you have any questions, reach me
at levellord at tutanota com.