ikir Theme v 1.5b

ikir Theme v 1.5b (req. OS4.1 update 1)
1.5 -> Hardware acceleration, fixes, shadows
1.5b -> Fixed drawer name, IT MUST BE CALLED "ikir"

-Copy ikir drawer in SYS:Prefs:Presets/
-Doubleclick on "ikir theme" to try the theme.
-To save, copy the prefs manually in your AmigaOS installation or simply click
on "Save Theme".

-It is made for at least 1280x1024 resolution and i suggest a 32bit screenmode.
-Shadows requires a 32bit screen mode.
-I don't remember or i don't even know at all who are the authors of some
graphics (like the backdrop), others are made by me . If you are the author and
you want your name in this file or if you want to let me remove your artwork,
contact me.
-The prefs drawer include Amidock prefs if you want to try my settings but the
programs paths will be different.

Merlo "ikir" Riccardo