Deathcon's OS4 Theme

Posted here by request; original description included below.
This theme was last tested on AmigaOS4.0. -Enjoy.

Deathcon's Theme for AmigaOS4(tm)
This theme was built from various graphic components found
on the Internet (authors unknown - sorry), by a good friend of mine.
It is called DeathconsTheme because that is the handle he usually goes by. :)

After I featured this theme in screenshots of the release of
The SDK Browser v1.0.0.0, I kept getting several requests
to make it available. So here it is! :-)

Deathcon was nice enough to give me all the graphic pieces
he used and screenshots of the preference panels so I could
duplicate his settings. After a bit of minor adjustments,
I wrapped it all up into an actual "AmigaOS4(tm) Theme".

To Install:
Unpack this archive into SYS:Prefs/Presets/Default/

Double-click on the "DeathconsTheme" icon to activate it.
If everything works OK you can then Double-click on the "Save Theme"
icon to have these settings reloaded by default after a reboot.

NOTE: Due do some strange behavior with the current pre-release
of OS4 you may be prompted to reassign SYS: to the boot
disk (Workbench), where it is already assigned. I don't
know why this is, but if the problem persists then adjust
the GUI and WBPattern Prefs to use your boot drive by name.
(Simply hitting the Getfile gadget to reselect the same gfx
will do this automatically.)


Jamie Krueger

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC

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