Boing V1.30

Short: Boing anims for P96, CGFX, UAE, NG
Author: JoachimA
Version: V 1.30
Type: pix/anim
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Distribution: free
Kurz: Boing Anims für P96, CGFX, UAE, NG


Boing is a packet of small Boingball Anims for Amigas with GFX Card. An AGA Version
follows as fast as possible and is still in development. Comes probably with the next release


Real transparency on animations even on OS 3.5 and faster than animated gifs.
Systemfriendly blitting on transparent window.

Enhancements over the former 1.06 version:

+ You can choose between different anims
+ Sound available if you want.
+ Blinking can be turned off.
+ timeout can be set for one anim.

New in Version 1.30:
Now I built the anims in 3 different sizes, you can choose from 80x60, 70x52 and 60x40. Respectively big, middle or small. I decided to do so, to better cope with classic 68 k systems with different cpu power and hope this matches most needs.

Also fixed several bugs and optimized the programming code.

You can set X and Y coordinates also blinking values.
To exit the animation simply click on it once.

xpos: x-position on screen
ypos: y-position on screen

blink: negativ values result in faster blinking, positive values result
in slower blinking.
Default =-60 a value of "0" stops blinking

vblank: you can alter this value to get a faster or slower anim, default
value=5 Useful values are between 3 and 7. Note, smaller values
result in higher cpu load.

anim: Here you can choose between different anims, at the moment there are
4, put in 1,2,3 or 4.
Anim 1 is meant to be something special, simply wait for timeout and
you will see. Hope you enjoy this little thing. Therefore it takes a
bit more on RAM than the other anims. Anim 2, 3 and 4 take about 2
MB Fastram, anim 1 takes about 6-7 MB. Anim 4 is same as anim 1,
except timeout and the additional animations of anim 1.

sound: Here you can turn on sound, setting "1" = Sound on, "0" = Sound off
Note, you must have AHI installed for this. Only affects anim 1. If
sound="0" no sound will be loaded, set this off, if you have
problems with sound or no AHI installed.

timeout: Here you can set timeout in seconds, from 60 to 3600 sec., only for
anim 1, the other anims are not affected by this. Time is not
precise at all and is in conjunction with the values putting in
vblank switch.

animsize: You can set the size of an anim, "0" = big, "1" = middle, "2" = small

Requirements: GFX Card and fast CPU, recommended 040/060
Os 3.5 minimum and 16 MB Fastram
Minumum Screenmode of 800x600 is recommended.

following Screenmodes supported: 16 Bit PC, 24 Bit BGR, 32 Bit BGRA
does not function on 8 bit, 16 Bit and 32 Bit ARGB

Installation: really simpel, just put the content of the archive in the WBstartup drawer, then alter the tooltypes to your needs.

Tested on A 1200 Tower, Blizzard 68060, Mediator LT4 on Voodoo 3 3000 ,
other Systems not tested yet, but should run on most classic machines and UAE or NG.

Developed with Amiblitz 3.5.

Special thanks to Wanderer and Blackbird on for their patience and allways good support on Amiblitz 3, made the coding things much easier for me.

Best regards

Bugs: Not really a bug. If you start boing and an open window covers the area
where boing appears, then boing cuts out the background of the window
instead of the WB Background. Nothing serious can happen, because the
blitting is on an transparent window. Only close the window and close
boing, then restart boing and everything is normal. No graphical trash
is left behind and the machine will not crash.

If other really strange things occur, please report, if any.

Have Fun,


Using of this software is at your own risk. I am not responsible for any loss or damage of data. Only for private use. No selling, trading or else allowed.

Copyright © JoachimA 2013/5


Version 1.11 published of May 2013
Version 1.10 published of May 2013
Version 1.06 First published 3.rd of May 2013