AROS5 Theme

AROS5 Theme

"AROS5" is an AROS Theme which aims to reproduce the "AmigaOS5" concept design that first appeared in the May 2001 Issue of Amiga Active Magazine:


It's a pixel by pixel re-creation of its gadgets (whenever possible) plus some minor tweaks on the Wanderer title bar (due to current limitations transparency isn't possible, so a "proper" wallpaper must be used, which is included in this archive at different resolutions).

Typeface used on the screenshot ("Skia") is pretty similar to the original mocl-up, and it's available at:


A basic BoingIconBar backdrop is included as well.

Future releases may include ad-hoc Zune Prefs to make it look like much more consistent with the "AmigaOS5" concept design.


Unpack and copy the "AROS5_Theme" drawer to SYS:Prefs/Themes


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