Expantios packages of my "Icons for AmigaOS",
in the style of AmigaOS 4.1 ...


- Rework the Icon, Splash-Screen and Throbber Anim

>>>>> HISTORY <<<<<

10.06.2019 AOS-NetSurf-Icon

- Rework the NetSurf Icon
- Rework the Splash Screen
- Throbber Anim (dark, dark 8bit (256 color),
light and light 8bit (256 color))
- This Theme is based of the AISS-Images from "Martin (Mason) Merz"


- First Icon and Splash-Screen vor NetSurf

>>>>> Install the Icons and Pictures for the Theme <<<<<

- Run the "Install" for copy the Files

- or copy the Resource Drawer in the NetSurf Drawer (for the Theme)
- Open the Resource Drawer and rename the "splash-aos4.png"
or "splash-aos3.png" in the "splash.png"
- run the CopyIcons for the Installing the NetSurf Icon
and the NetSurf Drawer icon
- Open NetSurf, Setting and select the Theme and Save.

>>>>> requirements: <<<<<

- NetSurf for AmigaOS 4.x and NetSurf
for AmigaOS 3.x (GUI-Version [not SDL-Version!!!])
- Icon.library 46.4
- AmigaOS and 3 or better

Special thanx ...

- Toni Wilen ... the author of WinUAE
- Peter Keunecke ... the author of icon.library 46.4

some symbols to other symbols from the base ...

- Martin (Mason) Merz ... thanx
- Frank Ruthe (Cha05e90)...