AmigaOS Splash Screen Pack (part 2/2)

PART 2/2 - Double Tick

This is a multi purpose splash screen pack with AmigaOS logos that are keep in modern minimalistic style. Check the thumbnails for details.

The main purpose is for splash screen while the system is booting. You can use it with your favourite boot screen loader, for example SysPic400 ( that can add fade in and fade out and mamy more other effects.

The pack contains following resolutions:
- 1920x1080 in PNG
- 1280x1024 in PNG
- 640x512 in PNG and IFF 32 and 256 colors
- 1440x2960 in PNG for mobile devices

The PNG versions can be used to make other sizes or bit depth images. To change the colors number and resolution you can use for example:
- Adobe Photoshop
- XnView (free) -
- ham-convert (free) - this great soft can also convert the PNGs to HAM6 or HAM8, so you can have many more colors in IFF.

Additionally part 1 contains After Effects project files, so if you are familiar with this software you can customize it on your own.